[ejabberd] perms, but which perms

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 14:44:48 MSK 2008

2008/1/27, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com>:
> can someone tell me which perms are bad?
> thanks.
> randy
> =CRASH REPORT==== 27-Jan-2008::10:05:08 ===
>   crasher:
>     pid: <0.35.0>
>     registered_name: []
>     exception exit: {bad_return,{{ejabberd_app,start,[normal,[]]},
>                                  {'EXIT',"permission denied"}}}
>       in function  application_master:init/4
>     initial call: application_master:init(<0.5.0>,<0.34.0>,
>                                           {appl_data,ejabberd,
>                                            [ejabberd,ejabberd_sup,
>                                             ejabberd_auth,ejabberd_router,
>                                             mod_vcard,mod_version,randoms,sha,
>                                             shaper,translate,xml,xml_stream],
>                                            [],infinity,infinity},
>                                           normal)
>     ancestors: [<0.34.0>]
>     messages: [{'EXIT',<0.36.0>,normal}]
>     links: [<0.34.0>,<0.5.0>]
>     dictionary: []
>     trap_exit: true
>     status: running
>     heap_size: 610
>     stack_size: 23
>     reductions: 99
>   neighbours:

Ah, is this some kind of game or riddle? You took care to provide as
few information as possible, to make the game fun, right?

For example, you didn't inform version of ejabberd, Erlang, operating
system, how did you install it, if you made changes to the system or
to ejabberd, or to the start scripts, etc.

This looks like a fun entertainment for a sunday morning, so let me
play your game.

First I looked at:
but I didn't find any error similar to yours.

Then I searched in ejabberd source code, but I couldn't find the words
"permission denied", so those words may be reported by Erlang/OTP or
by the operating system.

Then I tried an ancient trick: an Internet search engine.
One of the 10 first results may help you, check Sergei's response:

Have I won? What is the prize?

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