[ejabberd] using PEP to share current location

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Wed Jul 9 14:07:36 MSD 2008

At Buddycloud we use Ejabberd to share a user's location.  We do this
using PEP nodes that our location server component writes to.  Current
we have the following nodes populated:

current:  'http://jabber.org/protocol/geoloc'
previous: 'http://jabber.org/protocol/geoloc-prev'
next: 'http://jabber.org/protocol/geoloc-next'

Data is written in using the User Geolocation XEP's
(http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0080.html) format. Although we are
only using the "locality" element, to save bandwidth (holds place name,
"on the road", "Unnamed place in Paris" etc).

I mention this because we see location sharing via XMPP in PEP nodes as
very important in the future. I've searched around but not found anyone
else doing this.  So I have two questions:

1. I want to put out a call here for other developers that may be
thinking of doing this.  I would love to talk to you.  Ideally we would
like to come up with a nice way to share real-time location information
that works between XMPP clouds. I don't think this would even require
any changes to the server, more us agreeing to standardise some PEP node
names beyond only "http://jabber.org/protocol/geoloc" that would cover
future and previous locations.

2. Is PEP still the best way to share something like a real-time GPS
coordinate feed between friends rosters?

Thanks again for the great software.  I'm really grateful for the PEP
help from Magnus.


PS: if anyone is interested we have put our XMPP API online:
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