[ejabberd] ejabberd and reliable message delivery

Konstantin Khomoutov flatworm at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 3 20:42:24 MSD 2008

Teemu Harju wrote:
> I'm interested in knowing how can I implement reliable message delivery
> using ejabberd? I did some experiments with ejabberd 2.0.1 and mod_offline
> enabled. I tried sending messages between two clients and disconnected one
> clients ethernet cable. It takes naturally some time from the server to
> notice that the client has disconnected. The messages sent during this
> period did not reach the other client after it became online again. I guess
> mod_offline relies on the presence status of the client and hence the
> messages don't get stored there. I'm just wondering shouldn't the server
> notice that the client has lost the connection when sending a message? Or
> how does it work with TCP? And when the server notices the lost connection,
> could it store the messages to mod_offline database to be delivered when the
> client recovers from the lost connection?
Try to make use of explicit message receipts: 

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