[ejabberd] mod_openid / mod_archive_webview

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 00:25:37 MSD 2008


I just commited a new module in ejabberd-modules svn: mod_openid

I'd like to write this mail to let you know about some modules i've done in 
this repository, but don't plan to maintain actively


This module aim to do almost the same as http://openid.xmpp.za.net/ or 
http://xmppid.net/ But actually on the jabber server itself. I think this is 
important, so we don't need to trust a third party provider, we just need to 
trust the jabber server.
This module is just a draft for now and is not yet usable.  I put it in the 
subversion so maybe someone can use the code to improve it (because i have no 
plan to do it)

mod_archive_odbc / mod_archive_webview

earlier, i submitted mod_archive_webview,  in the mod_archive subdirectory.
mod_archive is an implementation of the XEP-0136.
The module mod_archive_odbc, by Alexander Tsvyashchenko, is the most up to 
mod_archive_webview is a module which provides a web interface that can be 
used to view messages stored with mod_archive_odbc.

Maybe someone would find any interest in thoses modules :-)

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