[ejabberd] About current pubsub implementation

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Mon Jun 16 17:29:20 MSD 2008


Le 16 juin 08 à 15:08, Jehan Pagès a écrit :

> 1/ Why force people to make nodes of the form home/server/ 
> username/... This would make sense for PEP, as it is "Personal". But  
> for the generic pubsub implementation, it does not make sense in my  
> own opinion. I don't see why a publication node MUST be associated  
> to a specific login. First you may want that people do not know your  
> personal jid and still provide them with a publication node. Or  
> simply a node can be used for publication by multi-publishers. A  
> common example would be a general website with many publishers.
> Anyway I don't think this is good. You may provide the Jabber server  
> administrators with a way to restrict the node names if they want.  
> But I really don't understand why it is done here at the software  
> level (so no other configuration).

It is a good thing because, it is otherwise a mess. Imagine a server  
with millions of registered users. You quickly end up with hundreds of  
thousands of nodes in a flat hierarchy which is a mess.
Think about it a file system on a Unix system: It is easier to manage  
users data with home directories than to put all data for all users in  
the same directory.
You also avoid name clashes.

Anyway, our pubsub implementation is pluggable so you can rewrite your  
own hierarchy plugin if you want.

> 2/ What is this special node pubsub/node? It says it containes "all  
> other created nodes". But if I create a node in my /home, I don't  
> see it in pubsub/nodes. And I cannot create anything in pubsub node.  
> So what is it exactly?

It is for global pubsub nodes (created by admins). I am not sure if it  
is still used however.

Mickaël Rémond

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