[ejabberd] AtomPub interface

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Fri Jun 20 00:38:11 MSD 2008

Le 19 juin 08 à 20:32, Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :
> No questions, but I think it's a cool idea. I posted about it a while
> back on the standards at xmpp.org list but no one was interested:
> http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2007-November/017083.html

As I was thinking along those lines, I found your draft on the subject.
Steve Vinosky's article on REST and Yaws was the other inspiration.

That's why I went with Yaws. In hindsight using the ejabberd_http  
would have been the wiser choice.

> Well, now that I think about it, I do have a question or two... :)
> 1. Do you think it would be a good idea to define a service discovery
> feature for this so that XMPP pubsub clients can discover the AtomPub
> service?

I'd need to give it more thought.

A bit of background : the driving idea behing the code is a  
notification system for a forum.
I did a prototype with XMPP4R and the altered beast Ruby on Rails  
bulletin board.
Finally figured it would be simpler to design a REST interface for  
ejabberd and not deal with keeping an XMPP connection open keeping  
things stateless on the web side

So it was web servers talking to XMPP servers :)

> 2. In general, how do AtomPub clients would discover AtomPub services?

They usually do through the service document.

I also have 2 questions on pubsub.
1. PubSub is good because it does push.
Atom forces to poll.
However pubsub needs to keep subscriber information for each node.
Is there any benchmarks on how much subscribers can ejabberd handle ?
Let's say I am TechCrunch, I have 780K subscribers (so says  
feedburner) ;)
Could I imagine having those 780K subscribed to a pubsub node ?

2. One thing that lacks in XEP 60 to make the bridge better is a way  
to address a single item in a node.
We can get the last item, all the items, but not only one item through  
its identifier.
Is this by design ?


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