[ejabberd] AtomPub interface

Christophe Romain cromain at process-one.net
Fri Jun 20 02:43:46 MSD 2008

> Could I imagine having those 780K subscribed to a pubsub node ?
the broadcast_publish_item function needs to get the list of  
subscribers and process that list to see who is going to be notified.
that makes each publish build that list.
if you have one node that's ok. but if you have thousands, that  
probably not gonna work.

> 2. One thing that lacks in XEP 60 to make the bridge better is a way
> to address a single item in a node.

i don't know at which level you need that (i didn't looked atompub  
yet), but if you need to access any single item internally from your  
module, you can use node_default:get_item/3 or node_default:set_item/ 
1 in a transaction.

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