[ejabberd] AtomPub interface

Christophe Romain cromain at process-one.net
Fri Jun 20 19:51:33 MSD 2008

> 1- Fetching the individual item.
> That could be corrected by having a mod_pubsub:get_item/3  
> delegating it to node_*
indeed this is something that can be usefulll in addition to existing  

> 2- Listing the subnodes of a given node.
the nodetree plugin has get_subnodes function.
look at nodetree_default:get_subnodes
so this is something that can be made available as well.

please create a ticket with list of mod_pubsub helper functions you  
think we lack.

> ejabberd considers the nodes as "nodes" in a tree.
> However XEP-60, from my understanding, does not make such an  
> assumption, and basically considers just a list of nodes.
> Is that right ?
look at nodetree_virtual, you may be interrested.

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