[ejabberd] AtomPub interface

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Mon Jun 23 13:15:09 MSD 2008

Le 21 juin 08 à 13:53, Badlop a écrit :
> I've committed the patch in ejabberd trunk, so it will be released in
> ejabberd 2.1.0. However your patch is still required for 2.0.x. You
> may want to mention all this in your README.

Thanks Badlop.

On a related matter I'd need guidance for this :
-define(BASEURL(Domain, User, Collection), "http://localhost:5280/ 
atom/"++Domain++"/"++ User ++ "/"++Collection).

I have that in my code, and that's ugly. Is there anyway to either :
1- find the DNS name of the http server
2- give additional configuration parameters to the http handler

Maybe default to the first XMPP domain served by ejabberd
And optionally be able to override this default information with this  
implementation :

{5280, ejabberd_http, [
			 {request_handlers, [{["atom"], atom_pubsub, [{baseurl, "http://www.ejabberd.ru 

Of should I rather make atom_pubsub a module, configure it in the  
modules section (and still declare it in the http handler)

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