[ejabberd] BOSH and webpage page persistence?

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Tue Jun 24 13:36:29 MSD 2008

We are using ejabberd's http-bind and the jsjac libraries with emite to 
prodouce a Google Web Toolkit message reader and sender.

Since users will be moving around the website lots, we don't want to be 
opening new sessions to the proxy and then to ejabberd on each page 
load. I notice that facebook.com has something similar where there is an 
IM component on the bottom of each page.

Does mod_http or the http-bind code present a nice way to keep some sort 
of session persistence between page loads?

One of the options I saw was tying the session ID to the site cookie. 
Any thoughts on this approach?

We are currently using apache's proxy for the http-bind channel.  How 
does this compare with the built-in ejabberd mod_http code?

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