[ejabberd] need help with command-line messaging like sendxmpp

Eric Wood eric at interplas.com
Thu Jun 26 06:17:50 MSD 2008

Has anyone every got any perl utilities (ie, jann or sendxmpp) to work 
with ejabberd?  I'm trying to send instant message from a bash shell on 
linux.  I even tried this: 

But I just can't get authenticated from any of these tools.  However, 
gaim, miranda, and neos all work.  So I believe it perl library 
related.  One google link told me to comment out some SASL stuff out of 
a */usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/Net/XMPP/Protocol.pm* but I still 
can't get authenticated.

I'm running ejabberd-1.1.3.  Thanks,
-eric wood

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