[ejabberd] Patch Submission for mod_ctlextra

Taylor Laramie taylor.laramie at globalrelay.net
Fri Mar 14 14:58:02 MSK 2008

I made some quick additions to mod_ctlextra and thought they might make 
a desirable addition to the module since in it's current state it 
doesn't really offer much in the way of retrieving info for shared rosters.

Name : srg-get-shared
Usage : ejabberctl ejabberd at localhost srg-get-shared <vhost>
Returns : a list of ':' separated values that represent all the Shared 
Rosters for that particular host e.g : Shared Roster1:Shared 

Name : srg-shared-info
Usage : ejabberctl ejabberd at localhost srg-shared-info <group> <vhost>
Returns : the values for of 'Name' and 'Description' for the provided 
SR. I was actually attempting to make this more verbose in that it would 
take another directive ('Detail') which would return either 
'Name','Description','Display','Members' or All though my skills with 
erlang are lacking at this point.

Being that, as I said, my erlang isn't that great I fully expect that 
these can be written better / more efficiently so feel free (the powers 
that be) to rework them accordingly if they could potentially cause 
issues. Attached is a diff made from the latest SVN though let me know 
if another format would be preferred.

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