[ejabberd] linking with gtalk server...

Stian B. Barmen stian at barmen.nu
Tue Mar 18 12:19:30 MSK 2008

If you configure a ejabberd server with a domain name and ip address which
is resolvable from the internet this is enough to be able to talk to gtalk.
Communication between the servers is on tcp port 5269, clients connect to
tcp port 5222 or 5223. It is also recommended to use SRV records as well but
it not strictly needed. 


See more information here (for jabberd, but the same for ejabberd, just
could not find any doc for ejabberd especially):

Also, here is a nice generator for extra easy copy paste operation directly
into your DNS server: http://www.jms1.net/jabberd2/srv.shtml


Best regards

Stian B. Barmen


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Hi ,

I am new to ejabberd, I have ejabberd running. I want to setup link with
gtalk server so that ejabberd clients can call to gtalk clients. What all
configuration I need to make in server.? Is it documented some where, please
send me links if there are any. or please explain  ...

thanks in advance,



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