[ejabberd] Patch Submission for mod_ctlextra

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 19:47:15 MSK 2008

I committed your commands to ejabberd-modules, but with some changes:
 - different name
 - different output format to make them more useful for posterior
treatment with programs like grep

There isn't any substantial improvement in efficience.

The groups are listed one in each line:

$ sudo ejabberdctl srg-list-groups localhost

All the possible information is shown and later with grep you can
select the one you want:

$ sudo ejabberdctl srg-get-info asd localhost
name: "myname"
displayed_groups: ["mydisplayedgroups1","mydisplayedgroups2",
description: "mydesc"
all_users: true
members: mymember1 at localhost mymember2 at localhost2

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