[ejabberd] Ejabberd with Drupal

Christoph Mewes christoph.mewes at freiheit.com
Fri May 2 11:11:53 MSD 2008


>> Has anyone tried merging the users tables from ejabberd with those of 
>> Drupal?
>> We're currently using mod_odbc onto a mysql backend but would like to 
>> build a website using the same user table.
>> I noticed that there are drupal modules to authenticate against jabber 
>> servers.  This is nice, but we're looking for more than just 
>> authentication.  Registration from xmpp would be nice.
>> Has anyone else tried this?
> We've thought about that for jabber.org but have not worked out the
> details yet (we use a postgres DB for IM users and the native Drupal DB
> for website users but really want to merge the two).

We extended ejabberd's xmlrpc interface to sync users. Worked out very 
well. We never go the other way around though, but it should be almost 
as easy.


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