[ejabberd] Excessive number of open tcp connections

Sean Dilda sean at duke.edu
Fri May 2 19:18:10 MSD 2008

Sean Dilda wrote:
> On the jabber server I run, I monitor the number of TCP connections in 
> the ESTABLISHED state to ports 5222 and 5223.  I also monitor how many 
> users ejabberd thinks are logged in (via ejabberdctl).
> Sometimes there a slight discrepancy in these sets of numbers, but right 
> now there's a large discrepancy and I was wondering if anyone knows what 
> might be happening.
> Right now I have 182 users logged on, but 260 tcp connections open. 
> I've also looked at the list of connected users and I don't see many 
> cases where one user is logged in multiple times with different resources.
> This discrepancy is rather new, it just started this week.
> I'm running ejabberd 1.1.4

After looking into this more, I found that there was a client that had 
an improper password set for a user.  It would log in about once a 
minute, fail to login, keep the connection open, then keep going.  This 
caused the number of connections to add up.  It seems to me that if 
someone connects but doesn't log in after a set amount of time, that 
ejabberd should disconnect them.  However, I don't see that happening.

Does anyone know if there's a way to set this up for ejabberd?  Or any 
other way around this problem?



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