[ejabberd] Ejabberd with Drupal

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Fri May 2 20:11:53 MSD 2008

Mickaël Rémond wrote:
> Hello,
> I should be relatively easy to have Drupal and ejabberd use the same schema.
> I have also made several development regarding user db access to make 
> ejabberd support LDAP protocol (serve user through the LDAP protocol). 
> It works well.

There's still the cleartext (ejabberd) and hashed (Drupal) password problem.

Here is my current thinking:

Requirements and notes:

* Need to allow in-line registration
* Drupal uses password hashes
* I would like to use password hashes
* ejabberd stores passwords in clear


* register on XMPP-client - creates user in ejabberd:users
* register on drupal - creates user on drupal:users
Proposal: change drupal to use the xmpp.module (if I understand 
correctly this then creates a user in drupal:users if authentication is 
successful against the ejabberd server).  Add an extra insert on 
successful drupal registration to add a user to the ejabbred:users table


* ejabberd queries ejabber:users for a cleartext password
* drupal, using xmpp.module will query ejabberd for the username and 
create a user account if one does not exist.  We optionally have the 
ability to ask for additional information an prevent a full login until 
it is provided

Password change:

* on ejabberd the password is changed to something in cleartext in 
* on drupal the password is changed to a hash in drupal:users
Proposal: ???

Delete account:

* Ejabberd: in-band account remove command deletes user from ejabberd:users
* Drupal: delete's user from table.
Proposal: disable in-band remove on ejabberd (is this possible?) and and 
on Drupal remove from ejabberd:users and drupal:users tables.

All seems terribly complicated!  Any thoughts on the password change option?


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