[ejabberd] mod_archive : how to retrieve archived message

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at kde.org
Fri May 9 00:02:29 MSD 2008

Le jeudi 8 mai 2008, Arup Malakar a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have configured the mod_archive module for message archiving in the
> server, it uses mysql db to store the messages. But I couldn't figure out
> what is the xmpp message I should send from the client to retrieve message
> history from the server.

Which version of the module are you using?

mod_archive.erl implement an old version of the jep and has many bugs.
I recommand you mod_archive_odbc that you can grab from the ejabberd module 
svn,   which is the most up to date version.

> I was sending the following to server:
> <iq type='get' id='xyz1'>
>   <list xmlns='urn:xmpp:tmp:archive'
>         with='xyz at example.com'>
>     <set xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/rsm'>
>       <max>30</max>
>     </set>
>   </list>
> </iq>
> Response I am getting is:
> <iq from="xxx at example.com" type="error" xml:lang="en" to="xxx at example.com"
> id="juliet1" >
>   <list xmlns="urn:xmpp:tmp:archive" with="xyz at example.com" >
>     <set xmlns="http://jabber.org/protocol/rsm">
>       <max>30</max>
>     </set>
>   </list>
> <error type="cancel" code="503" >
> <service-unavailable xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/>
> </error>
> </iq>
> I was referring to http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0136.html for the
> xml, any idea what am I doing wrong here or what is the correct xml I
> should send?
> Regards,
> Arup Malakar
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