[ejabberd] Anonymous users versus registered users in ejabberd

mark peleus mark.peleus at gmail.com
Fri May 23 14:29:07 MSD 2008


We are building a demo to show ejabberd functionality.
We thought of creating an anonymous user for each visitor in the demo
because it's easier then creating dummy accounts from advanced. With
anonymous users we have no restrictions on the number of visitors in the
demo and we don't have to find a free account for our visitors.

Can we imitate most of the functionalities of registered users with
anonymous users?

How does ejabebrd treat anonymous users compared to registered users?

Where does ejabberd store the anonymous user data? Does it store it only in
the memory or in a temporary database table?

Can an anonymous user send and receive presence?

Can an anonymous user have add users to a temporary roster that will be
deleted when his session ends?

I couldn't find all answers for these questions in the xmpp specs. Is the
exact implementation up to the xmpp server?

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