[ejabberd] Stanza size

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed May 28 16:34:30 MSD 2008

On 05/28/2008 3:11 AM, Eric Cestari wrote:
> Hi,
> The default max stanza size is 64Kb for c2s connections.
> The application I am building around ejabberd will need bigger stanzas.
> Stanzas over 1Mb will not be frequent but may happen.

A few questions:

- Why are you using XMPP to send such large stanzas? The technology is
not optimized for such behavior.

- Is the large data XML or binary?

- Have you thought about sending the large data as a URL with a pointer
to files accessible via HTTP, or sending the large data outside the XMPP
band (e.g., via file transfer)?

- Will your application run over the open Internet or federate with
other XMPP services? If so, you will run into s2s limits.

> I have set the stanza size to an appropriate value, and on the test  
> server with only few connections it works ok.
> However are there any side effects I should be aware of, regarding  
> ejabberd itself ?

IMHO you might run into strange queueing behavior, especially if you are
sending to clients that don't have fat pipes -- as that 1Mb stanza is
slowly pushed to the client, any other stanzas that you may want to send
to or from that client may be blocked (this is not an ejabberd-specific
problem and perhaps ejabberd handles that better than most XMPP servers,
I'm not sure).


Peter Saint-Andre

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