[ejabberd] Custom roster behaviour without writing your own mod_roster

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Thu Nov 6 13:14:01 MSK 2008

Hello Martin,

Using mod_roster_odbc should work very well in your case. I would use  
that approach.

Le 5 nov. 08 à 19:49, Martin Langhoff a écrit :

> Hi all!
> For the OLPC School Server we are using ejabberd extensively -- so let
> me preface this with a heartfelt *thanks* to all the dev team and
> contributors for a fantastic piece of software.
> One of the things ejabberd is doing for us is roster and presence
> mgmt, which right now boils down to everyone having '@all@'. In other
> words, no roster mgmt. For many reasons, we need to start doing
> something smarter. The key ones are:
> - We're starting to plan installations in very large schools (3K to  
> 5K users)
> - We now have a group / course mgmt tool on the school server (which
> can feed roster info to ejabberd).
> So I'd like to start driving the rosters that ejabberd publishes for
> its users. My initial problem is that I don't have erlang or ejabberd
> internals knowledge. So the obvious answer (write a custom mod_roster)
> falls in the very hard basket.
> My immedate alternatives seem to be
> - Use mod_roster_odbc with a PostgreSQL backend (as we're using Pg
> already). Does it work well? Does it scale well? How many queries to
> the DB an I expect it to make? Does it behave well if an external tool
> updates its tables?
> - Keep using mod_roster, and write minimal erlang to write to the
> mnesia tables that mod_roster uses. Is this feasible? Advisable?
> Do we have other alternatives? I am very keen on understanding
> ejabberd better, and I've been reading my new Erlang book -- but at
> this stage I could very well be missing something big and obvious.
> RTFM pointers welcome too :-)
> cheers,
> martin
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Mickaël Rémond

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