[ejabberd] mod_pubsub and subscription ids to support multiple subscriptions

Nathan Zorn nathan.zorn at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 19:01:46 MSK 2008

I posted this to the form, but thought I would try the mailing list also.

I am trying to add multiple subscription support for mod_pubsub.

I have a few questions about the mod_pubsub code. The first question is the
usage of the pubsub_state record and why is it used for affiliations and
subscriptions. After looking at the code, it seems to add this multiple
subscription feature I would save the generated subid in this pubsub_state
record and when an item is published the subid will be in the headers. I am
reluctant to add a subid item in the pubsub_state record because it doesn't
seem to fit with affiliations.

Thanks for any help given.
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