[ejabberd] mod_proxy65 and ejabberd 2.0.1

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Nov 20 22:58:10 MSK 2008

Julian Golderer wrote:
> Pedro Melo schrieb:
>> And even if a client is smart enough to find it, some server admins
>> don't know or noticed that they have to set an aditional SRV record for
>> the proxy domain.
> How should the SRV record look like? Where's it mentioned? I didn't find
> it in the PEP nor on the ejabberd website.

There is no special SRV record for discovery of a bytestreams proxy
instance (as there is for, say, STUN). Instead, the proxy is discovered
via XMPP service discovery (XEP-0030). However, to improve the
experience of finding bytestreams proxies over server-to-server
federation it is good to add a normal xmpp-server SRV record for the
proxy component/module, such as:

_xmpp-server._tcp.proxy.example.com. 40 IN SRV 20 0 5269 foo.example.com


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