[ejabberd] ejabberd tests with old and new TLS code

Douglas Bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Fri Nov 21 13:34:31 MSK 2008

With the @online@ shared roster, I have found a small decrease in both
memory and CPU consumption with the new tls code, as shown here:


This is based on these two test runs:


which can be found in raw form, and converted into graphs via the
next two links:


These are different tests than the one I reported a few weeks ago,
which was conducted without the shared roster.  Evgeniy asked if I
could repeat that test with SMP disabled, but it happens that I can't
because I've lost one of the computers that ran the clients.  I could
re-run this one without SMP if that was likely to be interesting.

It looks like the cost of @online@ shared roster outweighs the cost of
TLS.  That's about as insightful as I get at this time of night.


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