[ejabberd] [Server-devel] ejabberd tests with old and new TLS code

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 01:00:46 MSK 2008

Hi Caroline!

> TLS = ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security  correct?

Yes. ejabberd is a memory hog, and we recently discovered (hint: lots
of detail in the mailing list archive) that it's only a memory hog
when ssl/tls connections are used. Using ssl or tls in the xmpp
protocol has the advantage of using compression -- that's why we use

> When you test old and new TLS there are code changes on both XO and XS?

Only XS. Recently, Process One (developers of ejabberd) published a
patch that promised to reduce the mem usage on the server. Douglas and
others are comparing before-and-after -- the P1 guys say it saves a
lot of mem, independent testing is showing a mix.

> What releases are the control setup?  IS the New TLS released code?

The 'control' setup is the ejabberd-xs package we ship for XS-0.5. The
new TLS code is a patch we could consider 'beta' quality -- there's
been no significnat QA on it.

> Questions about the methodology.

In general - there are good notes on all of this in the archives of this list.

> 1 connection models 1 user?

yes - it's a script called hyperactivity... more in the archive.. ;-)

> Does it just connect?


> does it share any activities?

no but part of the test is to share activities using real XOs in
parallel to hyperactivity being used.

> activities affect the outcome in XS in any way?

Not much on the XS, but yes on the bandwidth / spectrum used. Joe (QA
team) has posted about his experimental results on this.

> Have you tested with current shared roaster vs a roster grouping system that
> only allows say 30 or 50 people in any online users roaster at once?  If not
> do you expect that to be an important factor?

We don't have that yet -- as I mentioned at Sugarcamp, we're working
on it based on mod_roster_odbc, postgres and moodle. And yes, we
expect it to be a big factor, otherwise we'd do something else ;-)


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