[ejabberd] trouble clustering with ejabberd 2.0.2_2 and mySQL

Tom tom.valdes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 02:37:15 MSD 2008

thanks for responding..

>> On your page, you mention..
>> Now you can set up the rest of the database replication through the web 
>> interface.
>> ...
>> How do I get it to sync my user tables?
> you don't. at least not when you are using mysql as a
> backend. you have to make sure that the mysql server
> you use is reachable over the network (listen= in my.cnf (iirc))
> and then make all your nodes connect there. so you
> basically have only one server for authentication and
> all other things _odbc.
> or you use some kind of mysql-replication.
> just to answer your question, here is where you sync databases:
>   http://<server>:5280/admin/node/<nodename>/db/
> replace <nodename> in this URL with your nodename. and <server> with your server.
That makes sense.

So to be clear, I would have testim and testim02 connected to the same 
mySQL database (or 2 which are replicated on their own)

If I'm connected to testim and testim goes down, will I now be served by 

And any idea why testim doesn't accept any of my connections? (adding a 
new account, etc)


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