[ejabberd] Empty Roster or Auth Failed.

Jorge Guntanis jorge at guntanis.com
Tue Oct 7 02:45:38 MSD 2008

I have a cluster of two ejabberd nodes using a mysql database on a
separate mysql cluster, and in the front I have a F5 load balancer
that basically sends traffic to both of this boxes.
I have noticed, that at random times, I get a series of authentication
denied and eventually it will log in. About 50% of the time, the
roster comes up empty, but if a contact updates their presence, then
it will show up in the roster.
At first glance it seems like it loses the connection to the DB, but
I'm not sure yet. Has someone experienced something similar? Is there
a setting that I should change either on the mysql server or in
ejabberd to make the connections more stable?

I would appreciate your help.


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