[ejabberd] Multiple clients over a single connection?

Arne Claassen arne at getorganyzd.com
Mon Oct 20 20:26:31 MSD 2008

I was afraid that connections wouldn't be the primary resource  
consumer. Well, let me go into my use case and maybe this is something  
already supported, i just haven't made the leap from the protocol  
specs to how it would be applied.

I currently have a system with a bunch of processors, each identified  
by a jid. These processors query each other and are queried by  
external resources via IQ stanzas. Xmpp basically acts as a bus so  
that location of the processors isn't needed to be known.

As this system grows, i can see memory on the server becoming a  
concern. Since a number of these processors generally live together in  
a single processor (right now, most live on one daemon actually), i  
really only need a single connection per managing daemon. But i need  
the ability to route messages to a named destination. So, the question  
is, is there some type of routing system for clients to register  
themselves as the destination? I thought about using pub sub, but that  
seems a little unwieldy for doing RPC style communication and i'd be  
afraid that the pubsub memory footprint would quickly rival that of  
the sessions required to keep each processor at its own jid. Having  
this routing would actually enable another use case that i am working  
towards, i.e. that processors are spun up on demand by some managing  
entity as new messages for an offline processor are detected.

Any other protocol features for routing that i'm overlooking?


On Oct 20, 2008, at 8:36 AM, Mickaël Rémond wrote:

> Hello,
> We have some code internally to support that. However note that it  
> is not connexion that consume the most memory but session and  
> session would still need to be opened (even if you have less TCP  
> connexions).
> Le 20 oct. 08 à 01:49, Arne Claassen a écrit :
>> I know this might be out of scope for ejabberd and is more general  
>> Xmpp, but is there a way to have a single connection represent  
>> multiple JIDs at the same time? I mean the stanzas generally have  
>> to and from, so is it possible for a single connection to be the  
>> endpoint for a number of JIDs and simply send out its messages and  
>> replies encoded with the right from?
>> I have a number of daemons that talk over xmpp as their message  
>> bus. Currently a single physical process can handle a number of  
>> these daemons, but i currently require a separate connection back  
>> to ejabberd for each one. Since it seems like it takes just under  
>> 100KB per connection (maybe that's just per presence and less  
>> sockets buy me nothing), it would seem there is a lot of ejabberd  
>> memory footprint savings that could be realized.
>> thanks,
>> arne
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