[ejabberd] Multiple clients over a single connection?

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Mon Oct 20 20:47:10 MSD 2008

Maybe you could implement your client as an S2S "client" per process.
That's maybe a lot of work, but that would help on your specific issue.

Le 20 oct. 08 à 18:26, Arne Claassen a écrit :

> I was afraid that connections wouldn't be the primary resource  
> consumer. Well, let me go into my use case and maybe this is  
> something already supported, i just haven't made the leap from the  
> protocol specs to how it would be applied.
> I currently have a system with a bunch of processors, each  
> identified by a jid. These processors query each other and are  
> queried by external resources via IQ stanzas. Xmpp basically acts as  
> a bus so that location of the processors isn't needed to be known.
> As this system grows, i can see memory on the server becoming a  
> concern. Since a number of these processors generally live together  
> in a single processor (right now, most live on one daemon actually),  
> i really only need a single connection per managing daemon. But i  
> need the ability to route messages to a named destination. So, the  
> question is, is there some type of routing system for clients to  
> register themselves as the destination? I thought about using pub  
> sub, but that seems a little unwieldy for doing RPC style  
> communication and i'd be afraid that the pubsub memory footprint  
> would quickly rival that of the sessions required to keep each  
> processor at its own jid. Having this routing would actually enable  
> another use case that i am working towards, i.e. that processors are  
> spun up on demand by some managing entity as new messages for an  
> offline processor are detected.
> Any other protocol features for routing that i'm overlooking?
> thanks
> arne
> On Oct 20, 2008, at 8:36 AM, Mickaël Rémond wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We have some code internally to support that. However note that it  
>> is not connexion that consume the most memory but session and  
>> session would still need to be opened (even if you have less TCP  
>> connexions).
>> Le 20 oct. 08 à 01:49, Arne Claassen a écrit :
>>> I know this might be out of scope for ejabberd and is more general  
>>> Xmpp, but is there a way to have a single connection represent  
>>> multiple JIDs at the same time? I mean the stanzas generally have  
>>> to and from, so is it possible for a single connection to be the  
>>> endpoint for a number of JIDs and simply send out its messages and  
>>> replies encoded with the right from?
>>> I have a number of daemons that talk over xmpp as their message  
>>> bus. Currently a single physical process can handle a number of  
>>> these daemons, but i currently require a separate connection back  
>>> to ejabberd for each one. Since it seems like it takes just under  
>>> 100KB per connection (maybe that's just per presence and less  
>>> sockets buy me nothing), it would seem there is a lot of ejabberd  
>>> memory footprint savings that could be realized.
>>> thanks,
>>> arne
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