[ejabberd] muc room metadata in muc-room-list

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Fri Oct 24 15:28:30 MSD 2008


after we patched the changing of muc room titles to reflect
the number of users in the room out of ejabberd, we still
would love to have this information, somehow.

at the moment we have to get the list of muc-rooms and
then (to provide an informative list) query each and every
room for its configuration to know wether it is password-protected,
moderated, how many members it has and so on.

is there a way to somehow implement that bits of the metadata
are already included in the list of rooms. xep-0045 and xep-0030
do not seem to allow any data besides jid, name and node as
attributes of the <item> tag. 

any ideas how to implement something like that without breaking
standards-compliance? because for a few thousand MUC-Rooms this
puts quite some load on the server if you have to always
request every rooms metadata.


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