[ejabberd] connection limit in ejabberd

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Tue Sep 9 16:41:37 MSD 2008

I am currently testing my php-jabber-library against ejabberd and i am
creating users and buddies "on the fly", migrating them from a web
i am currently doing the following things for one user with 100 buddies:
login as user to check if user already exists
login as "admin" to create user
login as buddy to check if user already exists
login as "admin" to create user
login as user to add buddy (subscription "both")
login as buddy to add user (subscription "both")
i am doing all of this from my php library and it should result in
a database that holds 100 users and 200 buddies (as the buddies
get added to the user and the user gets added to the buddy).
all from one single ip and "fast" (meaning in one big "while"-loop).
"sometimes" it works like a charm and everything goes into the
database just fine. but when i do this two or three times in a
row ejabberd just "stops" communicating to my library.
the last thing i do from the client that then crashes is send the
stream-start and then wait for an answer which does not get
through to ejabberd at all according to the logfiles...
i removed all the shapers from the ejabberd.cfg and fiddled with
{access, max_user_sessions, [{10, all}]}.
setting it to "100000000000" or even "infinity" as i read somewhere in
the manual.
so, question is, who is to blame here? php for being weird with a lot
of open sockets, or ejabberd because it thinks something weird is
going on with me logging in from one ip with several users back to back
that fast?
i would love to hear an answer on that...
greetings and thanks in advance,
stephan maihoefer

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