[ejabberd] connection limit in ejabberd

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 18:07:04 MSD 2008

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 2:41 PM, Stephan Maihöfer
<sma at turtle-entertainment.de> wrote:
> I am currently testing my php-jabber-library against ejabberd and i am

You didn't inform which ejabberd version, how it was installed and
what erlang version. I imagine it is ejabberd 2.0.2.

> database just fine. but when i do this two or three times in a
> row ejabberd just "stops" communicating to my library.
> the last thing i do from the client that then crashes is send the
> stream-start and then wait for an answer which does not get
> through to ejabberd at all according to the logfiles...

Probably this isn't the reason, but you can also check

To disable this limitation about XEP-0077 registrations, add to your
{registration_timeout, infinity}.

> i removed all the shapers from the ejabberd.cfg and fiddled with

When a feature in ejabberd can be configured using an option, you have
two alternatives:
A) Explicitely define the option, so you can be sure what you want will happen
B) Don't define the option, because you don't care about what value it has.

The correct way to remove a limitation using a configurable option is:
A) define the option with value you want.

If you remove the option you go to alternative B. In this case you are
stating that you don't care about it. ejabberd will apply the default
value indicated in the source code, or the value stored in the


> {access, max_user_sessions, [{10, all}]}.
> setting it to "100000000000" or even "infinity" as i read somewhere in
> the manual.
> so, question is, who is to blame here? php for being weird with a lot
> of open sockets, or ejabberd because it thinks something weird is
> going on with me logging in from one ip with several users back to back
> that fast?

As a quick and dirty bypass to the problem, you can try adding a delay
of 1 second after each request in your client code.


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