[ejabberd] PubSub API

Eric Cestari eric at ohmforce.com
Wed Sep 10 11:38:05 MSD 2008

Le 9 sept. 08 à 18:09, Christophe Romain a écrit :

> That's not a limit of the language, but a limit of that pubsub  
> plugin design.
> pubsub plugin API is designed to be as flexible as possible (allow  
> as many xep-0060 compatible behavior), but also as simple as  
> possible (plugins with few lines of code)
> it's all about compromise :)

I meant that with an OO language, I'd have derived node_default, and  
overridden the get_state(s) methods.
Don't get me wrong, erlang's simplicity is one of its greatest assets  
and so refreshing after so many years of JEE, I don't even look back ;)


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