[ejabberd] empathy jingle and ejabberd

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Sat Sep 13 20:30:54 MSD 2008

Michael Flaig пишет:

> Another, newer mode is to have RTP inline in jingle, which
> routes video and voice through the jabber server, of course puts more
> stress on the server and increases latency, but allows to use jingle if
> there is no direct connection to the internet.

AFAIK, emphaty uses jingle. So, if trafffic pass through jabber server
it can be something wrong with server, imho. Or with emphaty- if gtalk 
has non-stardard behavior.
> Empathy uses telepathy which is also used in the Nokia N810 (or
> basically telepathy development was driven by nokia to use in maemo,
> their internet tablet OS) to allow voice and video calls using jingle.
> I already had success calling from empathy to empathy and also empathy
> to n810. Of course n8xx to n8xx works like a charme.
Did you use ejabberd in these connections?
As I wrote we had no problems with google server, but with our ejabberd :-(
> So shot: jingle does not required anything special from the server.
> If you want to get to the bottom of you problem I suggest looking into
> the packets empathy send out with a packet tracer like wireshark.

Good suggestion, thank you!
I'll try :-)

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