[ejabberd] empathy jingle and ejabberd

Michael Flaig mflaig at pro-linux.de
Thu Sep 18 02:37:36 MSD 2008

Sorry for the late reply - I was kind of very busy these days...

On Sat, 2008-09-13 at 21:30 +0500, Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
> > Another, newer mode is to have RTP inline in jingle, which
> > routes video and voice through the jabber server, of course puts more
> > stress on the server and increases latency, but allows to use jingle if
> > there is no direct connection to the internet.
> >   
> AFAIK, emphaty uses jingle. So, if trafffic pass through jabber server
> it can be something wrong with server, imho. Or with emphaty- if gtalk 
> has non-stardard behavior.

As I said, Jingle does by default not route video or voice trough the
server. Telepathy is used in Empathy. Telepathy (and Farsight) implement
jingle as a library for clients to use. There is lots of material
including some good slides out on the Net if you want to know more about

> > Empathy uses telepathy which is also used in the Nokia N810 (or
> > basically telepathy development was driven by nokia to use in maemo,
> > their internet tablet OS) to allow voice and video calls using jingle.
> > I already had success calling from empathy to empathy and also empathy
> > to n810. Of course n8xx to n8xx works like a charme.
> >   
> Did you use ejabberd in these connections?

Yes I did. 

> As I wrote we had no problems with google server, but with our ejabberd :-(

If you logon to google a STUN Server is automatically set by the empathy
profile for GoogleTalk. Check the settings, you may be able to use the
google STUN Server even when you use your own jabber server (altough it
is rude ;-)).

Michael Flaig <mflaig at pro-linux.de>
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