[ejabberd] empathy jingle and ejabberd

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Sep 18 02:42:36 MSD 2008

Michael Flaig wrote:

>> As I wrote we had no problems with google server, but with our ejabberd :-(
> If you logon to google a STUN Server is automatically set by the empathy
> profile for GoogleTalk. Check the settings, you may be able to use the
> google STUN Server even when you use your own jabber server (altough it
> is rude ;-)).

I think they don't allow that.

The solution is for more people to run STUN servers. I think we could 
run one at jabber.org (but not a TURN server unless we get more bandwidth!).

See also the list here:


And http://www.stunserver.org/

BTW is there a STUN server implemented in Erlang?


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