[ejabberd] pubsub_item.DAT getting big

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Fri Sep 26 19:26:41 MSD 2008

we had some problems over the past few days with pubsub_item.DAT
getting bigger and bigger. our server came to a halt when that
file reached around 800MB and we kept all of that in RAM.
i never thought the pupsub-item-database woul get this big, since
we dont do offline message delivery and have no persistance on
the items. it does seem that ejabberd does ignore that though.
i made things less worse by storing that part of the database on
disk only, so system startup is not so slow anymore and ram
usage is reasonable. but still: what is stored in there, and how can
i keep this file as small as possible?
from what i think it should only hold a queue for pubsib items that are
to be delivered _now_, since items are not persistent and we have no
offline storage that should not get THAT big.
am i seeing something wrong here? what can i do?
greetings again,
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