[ejabberd] trouble clustering with ejabberd 2.0.2_2 and mySQL

Tom tom.valdes at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 00:57:00 MSD 2008

I have 2 ejabberd machines set up  (testim and testim02).  Each server 
points to its own mySQL database and I can connect to each one without 
issue. (when not clustered)

The trouble comes when I attempt to cluster them.
If I start the first server (testim) with the following command:
./erl -sname ejabberd -mnesia extra_db_nodes "['ejabberd at testim02 
<mailto:ejabberd at testim02>']" -s mnesia -ejabberd config 

and the second server (testim02) with the following:
./erl -sname ejabberd -mnesia extra_db_nodes "['ejabberd at testim 
<mailto:ejabberd at testim>']" -s mnesia -ejabberd config 

I get successful pongs:

(ejabberd at testim)1> net_adm:ping('ejabberd at testim02').

(ejabberd at testim02)6> net_adm:ping('ejabberd at testim').

But I am not able to login to either one using my jabber client.


btw: this is on Linux (if it matters)

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