[ejabberd] pubsub_item.DAT getting big

Christophe Romain cromain at process-one.net
Tue Sep 30 01:39:00 MSD 2008

i don't know how to read your attachment.
anyway, as you are using your own node type, you can make your number  
if items set to 2 as default configuration like this

options() ->
     [{node_type, flat},
      {deliver_payloads, true},
      {notify_config, false},
      {notify_delete, false},
      {notify_retract, true},
      {persist_items, true},
      {max_items, 2},
      {subscribe, true},
      {access_model, open},
      {roster_groups_allowed, []},
      {publish_model, publishers},
      {max_payload_size, ?MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE},
      {send_last_published_item, never},
      {deliver_notifications, true},
      {presence_based_delivery, false}].

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