[ejabberd] Facebook transport

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Tue Sep 30 16:12:27 MSD 2008

Michael Ossareh wrote:

> We have facebook integrated through XMPP. They're not doing a full
> launch for some reason. I spoke to Henri at facebook and he was rather
> skittish about XMPP access; citing security reasons for not wanting
> facebook users to input their username/passwords for facebook into
> other sites.

This is good to know.  And the "right" way to have it working. I can
understand their fear of users entering passwords outside of Facebook.
Still it would be nice if they opened their platform to openID.

> Since they're working over XMPP we merely took our gateway code and
> integrated the XMPP layer. Pretty much exactly what we do with gtalk.
> The primary bit we had to work on was their auth.

I am not sure I understand this: I thought you were running an ejabberd
server and would therefore be able to just do an XMPP to XMPP connect.
Or are you logging in as a facebook user/pass and passing the
credentials upstream to Facebook's XMPP cloud?

> Ebuddy have recently launched facebook chat by doing it the way that
> adium do it. We emailed facebook to see if they'd given ebuddy some
> early bird access and they said they don't condone that type of usage,
> its outside of the terms of service, and they're not sure what they'll
> do to people that abuse that. I say do it - but be aware :)

If you have a Facebook XMPP contact I'd be very I'd be most grateful.
Could you ping me off list with an intro.

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