[ejabberd] externally adding roster items to mod_roster_odbc?[WHITELIST]

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Thu Apr 2 12:32:40 MSD 2009


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> I understand that directly inserting entries into the 
> rosterusers Mysql table, especially when users are online, is 
> likely a Bad Idea(tm). Is this true?

what we do, is that we add the rosteritem directly
to the database. this way a newly connecting client
will get the new roster. no problem.

to update the roster for connected clients, we connect
to the jabber-server (as the user that is to receive
the rosteritem) and simply sent an <iq type="set">
of the new rosteritem. since the <iq> comes from the
same bare-jid it should be trusted by the client
(as is stated in the XEP) and the rosteritem is added
to the roster.

this way you will have a "temporary rosteritem" for that
session. but on reconnect the client will read it's roster
from the database and get the new item that way.


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