[ejabberd] freebsd upgrade and now auth failures

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sat Apr 4 16:06:27 MSD 2009

freebsd am64 very 8-current

all was working and then i did a portupgrade, looks like from ejabberd-1.1.4_2

made sure directories and contents of /var/spool/ejabberd and
/usr/local/etc/ejabberd was owned by ejabberd:ejabberd

ejabberd seems to start fine and accepts s2s

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-04-04 11:49:41 ===
I(<0.240.0>:ejabberd_listener:116) : (#Port<0.3748>) Accepted connection {{131,246,167,9},41966} -> {{147,28,0,35},5269}

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-04-04 11:49:42 ===
I(<0.588.0>:ejabberd_s2s_out:324) : Connection established: jabber.psg.com -> jabber.fsinf.de

but users can not log in

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-04-04 11:31:39 ===
I(<0.551.0>:ejabberd_c2s:709) : ({socket_state,tls,{tlssock,#Port<0.3694>,#Port<
0.3696>},<0.550.0>}) Failed authentication for randy at jabber.psg.com

clue bat, please?


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