[ejabberd] freebsd upgrade and now auth failures

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Apr 6 12:55:00 MSD 2009

this is still killing me, except now i know a little bit more.

i cvsupped and rebuilt kernel, world, ... and did a portupgrade

i did portupgrade -fR ejabberd, i.e. remade all its dependencies.

all dirs and files are owned by the new uid/gid

ejabberd starts and terminates and only leaves a sasl.log
no ejabberd.log

ejabberdctl start starts it!

but no one has auth to log in

and the web userid/password do not work

i suspect it is a conflict of server name between mnesia and config.

i have 
    {hosts, [ "jabber.psg.com" ] }.
if i change it to
    {host, [ "jabber.psg.com" ] }.
nothing starts, not even beam

    {hosts, [ "jabber.psg.com" ] }.
if i put
    ejabberd_node=ejabberd at jabber.psg.com
in /etc/rc.conf i get a whine that 

=ERROR REPORT==== 2009-04-06 08:38:33 ===
E(<0.35.0>:ejabberd_config:278) : Error reading Mnesia database spool files:
The Mnesia database couldn't read the spool file for the table 'config'.
ejabberd needs read and write access in the directory:
Maybe the problem is a change in the computer hostname,
or a change in the Erlang node name, which is currently:
   'ejabberd at jabber.psg.com'
Check the ejabberd guide for details about changing the
computer hostname or Erlang node name.

=INFO REPORT==== 2009-04-06 08:38:33 ===
    application: ejabberd
    exited: {bad_return,{{ejabberd_app,start,[normal,[]]},
                         {'EXIT',"Error reading Mnesia database"}}}
    type: temporary

i do not understand how to use 4.4  Change Computer Hostname of the fm
if i can not get the darned thing up.


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