[ejabberd] Slow PEP updates.

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Mon Apr 6 16:48:32 MSD 2009

A quick update:

This slowness was being caused by the ejabberd's PEP code looking up the
caps on remote servers to know where to send updates. 

Initially this was serialised. Jonathan's patch helped run that in
parallel.  However that was still slow.

We have now added additional logic so that users of the local domain get
PEP updates first without depending on rebuilding s2s links. This way
the local user gets instant feedback of their PEP event and changes
trickle through (albeit slowly) to off-domain users.

Patch is being cleaned up and will be posted here. Thanks to Kirk and
Jonathan for their help.


Simon Tennant wrote:
> Kirk Bateman wrote:
>> Simon
>> Were you sending the pep iqs directly or from the component ?
> I have tried sending both from the user and from the component.  Makes
> no difference.
> S.

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