[ejabberd] freebsd upgrade and now auth failures

Christoph Mewes christoph.mewes at freiheit.com
Thu Apr 9 15:23:48 MSD 2009


> this sounds like it!  there was no ejabberdctl.cfg in the old config so
> i did not dig through it in the new one.  my bad!
>> An easy solution is to define as new node name the same than you used
>> in old installation.
>> For example, put in ejabberdctl.cfg:
>>   ERLANG_NODE=ejabberd at jabber.psg.com
> progress!  thank you!
> work0.psg.com:/root# ejabberdctl status
> RPC failed on the node 'ejabberd at jabber.psg.com': nodedown
> =ERROR REPORT==== 9-Apr-2009::10:57:43 ===
> Error in process <0.33.0> on node 'ejabberdctl at work0.psg.com' with exit value: {badarg,[{erlang,list_to_existing_atom,["ejabberd at localhost"]},{dist_util,recv_challenge,1},{dist_util,handshake_we_started,1}]}
> i see two oddities
>   o 'ejabberdctl at work0.psg.com' that is indeed the hostname, but why is
>     ejabberdctl bound to it?

on debian, the scripts called "uname -n" to find the point to connect 
to. i always connected by hand anyway (see ejabberdctl script for how to).


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