[ejabberd] external auth

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Wed Apr 15 17:01:14 MSD 2009

Fabio Forno wrote:
> hi,
> two rapid questions about ext auth:
> - I've seen there is just plain password implemented, is there any
> hidden reason for this? The patch for digest auth seems  quite
> trivial, I can provide it quickly, but perhaps there is something I'm
> missing...

My understanding is that the provided script is just a sample.  Most 
sites that need to use an external auth script need to do something 
custom to their environment.  Those that need a specific feature, such 
as digest auth, will just add it themselves.

While it wouldn't hurt to throw more features into the script to scratch 
your own itch, it wouldn't necessarily scratch anyone elses itch.  The 
risk is that it adds to the complexity of the script, which may make it 
more daunting to people that want to modify it in a different way.

> - in the port protocol params all concatenated in one string using ":"
> as separator, but I think ":" is allowed in passwords and I don't see
> any escaping.

The password is the last argument, so you can just do something like this:

     my ($op,$user,$domain, at buffer_remainder) = split /:/,$buf;
     my $password = join ':', @buffer_remainder;



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