[ejabberd] Allow remote msn use from gtalk?

Anders Aagaard aagaande at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 02:03:48 MSD 2009


I got a phone that currently (without extra software) only uses gtalk, and I
need msn access (as aol does xmpp too). Is there any way I can (relativly
safely) allow gtalk to run its msn on ejabberd?

I found a tutorial for it here :
side.  But I'd rather run my own (locked down and secure server) than
to let <random server> have my msn login.

Also I dont have a sepearte domain for msn, as I dont have a domain (use a
free dns service), is there any way to make pymsn-t browsable by service
discovery that way?

Anders Aagaard
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