[ejabberd] Ejabberd freezing randomly

Taner Taş taner at pardus.org.tr
Thu Apr 30 01:31:48 MSD 2009

> I'm not sure if i understood correctly... you're wondering why Ejabberd
> is not working correctly when you use strg-z ? As i know strg-z
> pauses/halts the process, and i think this is a situation Ejabberd is
> not made for. If you don't like initscripts perhaps you could use
> GNU screen instead ?

My problem is, Ejabberd is freezing/suspending after a duration of normal
operation, usually 1-2 days. There is no log, no dump etc. I'm running it
in a screen session as you mentioned.

Today i found that, if i paused non-woking/frozen Ejabberd process via
ctrl-z then bg and then fg again; process is _beginning_ to do normal
operation (working again) without killing or cancellig the process.

I hope it is a bit clear now.

Thank you.

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