[ejabberd] http_bind BAD REQUEST

straightflush at gmail.com straightflush at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 17:21:55 MSD 2009

interesting. I was serving ejabberd over example.org, port 5280 and
then apache over example.org port 80 so the strophe javascript was
requesting http-bind over the same domain.  Not sure if this would
still be an issue but it seems to mitigate some of these cross-domain
issues no ?

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 12:59 AM, Jack Moffitt<jack at chesspark.com> wrote:
>> I modified the BOSH_SERVICE in
>> basic.js to point to http://server:5280/http-bind/ and i dont get much
>> further than seing the commands SENT on the screen.  i looked in
>> firebug and dont see any response (although it is a 200 OK) that i
>> would expect to see over the BOSH connection.
> And the URL you use to test the app is http://server:5280/basic.html?
> If basic.html is not served from the same domain and port, Firefox and
> Safari will not allow this per standard javascript security policy.
> This is referred to as a cross domain request, and is prohibited.
> This will work in Safari if you access basic.html with file:// urls,
> but Firefox won't even work in that case.
> The normal solution is to proxy hte http-bind URL somewhere under your
> web server tree so that it looks like a local request.  You can also
> use something like Tape to do this: http://github.com/metajack/tape
> Strophe will have a Flash-based workaround for this in a day or so,
> but you will still have to make sure that your http-bind server will
> serve up flash's required crossdomain.xml file.
>> to the listen section.  I tried testing this using command line XML
>> and it seems to work fine, just not from strophe.  Anything specific
>> on the ejabberd side that we need to do to make this work ?
> Looks like your ejabberd config is fine.  I'm pretty sure you are just
> running into browser security policy.
> jack.
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