[ejabberd] Stanza Acknowledgement

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Fri Aug 14 16:45:48 MSD 2009

Fabio Forno and I were just chatting about implementing XEP-0198 (Stanza
Acknowledgement) and noticed that there's no support for this in Ejabberd.

Dropping stanzas is a real problem with mobile phone clients connecting
over wireless networks (think: user driving through a tunnel).  Mobile
networks drop packets, have NAT gateways that ACK on the clients behalf
and are generally horrilble anytime you have a TCP window size  that's
more than your average stanza size (ie ALL of the time).

Fabio and I are both very keen to be able to deploy this, as I expect is
anyone planning on doing mobile XMPP.

Does XEP-0198 support feature in Ejabberd's engineering plans and is
there a schedule for it's release?


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